January 20, 2020

The the use of various energy sources to help

The research was carried out by Bird, et
al., (2014) in Australia. In this study, data were collected by
an online company that specializes in online data collection .Survey Sampling International (SSI). Respondents
were gotten by the use of email and were selected at random and maximum
diversity was ensured. The survey was conducted in April 2010 before Fukushima
accident and February 2012 after Fukushima accident. The survey which
specifically targeted people of ages 18 and above in both urban and rural area all
over Australia, totaling 1085 respondents for 2010 and 1101 for 2012. A total
of 40 closed questions like ( Opinions on the use of various energy sources to
help combat climate change) among others  were included  in the 2010 survey .

In a way for it not to look as if the respondents were
being  lead , the opinion on the use of
various energy sources to help combat climate change was not the first questions  on the questionnaire.

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In 2012, the same questions were asked so as to be able to
compare and identify changes in peoples view. There were also two additional question
 at the end of the 2012 survey .In both survey
participants had the option (other) so that responses cannot be limited. A
one-way z-test for comparing size was used to test for statistically significant differences between the 2010 and 2012 survey results.


The outcome was
that while the greater part of respondents (73.1% in 2012) are of opinion that
the world’s climate is changing. The amount of persons who were moderately or extremely
disturbed about climate change recorded a significant decrease (P= 0.0004).The
increase (P= 0.0114 ) in the amount of persons who don’t  think the climate is changing was extremely

The results show a
highly significant difference in responses between 2010
and 2012 of nuclear power as it relate to climate change. In the case of 2012,
a fewer persons(P= 0.0001 )  were prepared
to embrace nuclear power  on the condition
that it will proffer  solution to climate


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