January 21, 2020

Leor in a boat with only Miranda, his daughter.

Leor BaratianMr. MuirEnglish 10 Pd 10 15 December 2017 The rightful owner of the island In The Tempest a novel written by William Shakespeare there is an island with an argument over who owns it. Both Prospero and Caliban, characters in the story, claim that the island is theirs and both have their own reasons. There is one true native of the island, Ariel who was born there and has lived there all her life. In The Tempest there are two owners that claim the island is theirs and both have a sufficient foundation for their claims. In the novel The Tempest, Prospero, the duke of Milan was exiled from his own town, in a boat with only Miranda, his daughter. They had some food and books but that’s it. Somehow by fate they landed on this island. It says “Here in this island we arrived” (1.2.205). When he got there he found Caliban and Ariel. He decided to enslave Caliban and use Ariel as a servant. When looking deep into the text one can understand that Caliban was at the island before Prospero because Prospero enslaved him when he got there. This proves that Caliban was at the island before Prospero in essence making the island his.  But how can he claim the island is even his if his mother brought there not born there. Caliban, daughter of Sycorax, a horrible, nasty witch has been on the island since he was born. His mother was exiled for being a witch. She was brought to the island, dumped there, pregnant with Caliban. Sycorax was not a native, the island was her prison with no one around. Still she has been there many years regardless of how she even got  there. Prospero landed on the island after Caliban had been there for a number of years. After Prospero arrived with his daughter Miranda, Caliban attempted to “rape” her which set off Prospero even more. Prospero made Caliban his slave and Caliban thought that was the was that what to be. Prospero’s claims were never questioned by anyone including Caliban. When Caliban announces “This island’s mine, by Sycorax, my mother” (1.2.396), we are reminded that Prospero came out of nowhere and took over the island. This goes to show that Caliban is truly the rightful owner of the island and that Prospero came and took it over. In the end, the island is Caliban’s because he was there first and his mother was there, but do these two really have the right to claim an island that’s not theirs? The real native of the island is Ariel, who has, in my opinion full right to the island. Between Prospero and Caliban, I think for sure Caliban has more ground for his statement because he was there first and his mother was there.


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