November 21, 2019

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Abstract: This paper is a literature review focusing on the embodied energy and the operating energy of buildings with case studies located in different countries and lifetimes. The aim is to understand the significance of embodied energy, especially in low energy buildings. Buildings demand energy as operating and embodied energy throughout their life cycle. Studies […]

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AN ANALYSIS OF CULTURAL CONFLICT AND IMMIGRANT EXPERIANCES IN MANJU KAPUR’S THE IMMIGRANT                                                                         Mrs. V. Krishnaveni M.A., M.Phil.,                                                                                     Full-Time Research Scholar,                                                                                     Research Department of English,                                                                                     Sadakathullah Appa College,                                                                                     Rahmath Nagar, Tirunelveli.   Manju Kapur is the most prominent contemporary novelist of Indian English Literature. She teaches English literature at Miranda […]

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Corporate social responsibility and sustainability exert positive influence on business environment by lowering cost, developing stakeholder relationship and managing risks. Sustainability skillfully positions the business organization and handles economic and social challenges. In this assignment the chosen organization is Exxon Mobil that is formed by merger: Exxon and Mobil. It is one of the global […]

Abstract and pharmacokinetic properties to other benzodiazepines, e.g., diazepam.

Abstract This report will focus on how flunitrazepam, a lipophilic drug, works in the organism and its effectiveness against a target. Generally, lipophilic drugs are accurately absorbed and well ingested within the human system. Figure 1. 3D structure of flunitrazepam where grey corresponds to Carbon atoms; Oxygen atoms are red; Nitrogen atoms lavender; Fluorine atoms […]


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