January 19, 2020

From the moment Mr. Celestine Kezie; my “Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT” lecturer left my class on the 20th of December, 2017, I knew it was a going to be a stressful vacation, but I had no idea it would be nearly as bad as it turned out. He had decided it was a good idea to give us multiple projects in order to eliminate any and all forms of idleness during our supposed “break,” and to worsen the situation, he put us in groups. The idea of communicating with my teammates was conceivable but not achievable. Whilst school officially vacated on the 21st of December, I didn’t leave until the 22nd, my uncles who live in Lagos picked me up and I spent the night at one of their houses because my flight to Benin was the next day. My Uncle Kesi took me to the airport and our journey was a really discomforting one as we were stuck in traffic; which seemed to have worsened in Lagos only a few days before. I almost missed my flight only to arrive at the airport and have my flight delayed for two hours.  I finally arrived home only to discover that my dad had renovated the entire house and I didn’t have a room anymore; I spent the entire holiday sleeping on my sister’s bed. Soon enough, I discovered that the main reason why my father wanted me home was to make an unpaid nanny out of a sixteen-year old university student. Since my parents are no longer together, I was stuck babysitting four children, but it didn’t seem to end there, he seemed to have been under the impression that we were running a nursery because I suddenly had to take care of eight kids. At one point, there were eleven of them but it wasn’t that bad because the additional three were a little older and could help in the supervision of the other children, but they eventually left.  Now, my time at home wasn’t bad, but it was so stressful, I am actually tempted not to like it. Still, I find it hard not to smile when I think about it, I got to spent time with my family which is something I don’t usually get to do. 


I'm Allison!

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