December 15, 2019

• topic. The three most relevant and reliable sources

• The focus question: ‘What are the perceived benefits High School Students feel they gain from playing sports?’ which falls under the criteria of a Life Orientation a one Research Task that was chosen. This topic was chosen in order to investigate and analysis what high school students think they gain from their various sports may it be the beneficial factors that rugby, hockey or any other sport provide as well as the negative influences sport has on their lives.• A specific aim was then determined and finalised: ‘ to determine the perceived effects playing sports has on high school students and their academic performance and to determine if high school students who play sport learn skills from that sport that can further enhance their academic performance.• Extensive research on the topic was conducted via the use of the Internet as it served as the main source of information needed to collect enough data that is relevant and reliable to construct a literature review and questionnaire on the chosen topic. The three most relevant and reliable sources were selected based on context relevance and source reliability.• Participants ranged from a middle-class socio-economic group to a high class sociology economic group seeing as all the participants were enrolled in the same private school. Factors such as race and socio-economic standings were relevant for this specific research. All participants answered the questions from the questionnaire to their best abilities. The majority of the older high school students had a more mature knowledge on the effects sport plays in their life as well as in their academic performances.• A rough draft of the questionnaire was compiled based on the findings of the literature review and was sent in to the task mentor for evaluation and correction. Two of my peers also reviewed to ensure the level of appropriateness in the questionnaire was suited for high school students• The final questionnaire was then compiled and certified by the task mentor and 20 copies were made and printed. For the participants were under the age of eighteen received parent consent forms for their parents to sign on order for their questionnaires to be completed. These were then distributed to the relevant participants and it was ensured that all participants across the target market were involved.• The twenty participants were chosen according to their age and gender. All the participants were ensured that their information filled out on their questionnaires remained anonymous and confidential. The disclaimer was also brought to all the participants’ attention on receiving the questionnaire. All participants over the age of eighteen  consented to filling out the questionnaire and parents  of the participants under the age of eighteen also gave all consent for their child’s participation in this research.• A copy of the questionnaire has been included in this section of the task.• On the return of the questionnaires, the questionnaires and consent forms were filed for later use and we’re included in the appendix of this task.• Analysis of the questionnaires was done by comparing all the participants answers to the questions asked. An excel spreadsheet was also used in order to analyse the results of the questionnaire. Connections were made between categories and themes related to the aims and focus statement.• This information was then presented in the form of labelled bar graphs, lime graphs and pie charts and  the accompanying written comments were stated in bullet points underneath the relevant questions if the question did not require a graph representation.• The findings of the question were then carefully analysed and interpreted by means of finding common threads with the literature used and discussed fully with regards to how the findings correlated to the findings of the literature review as well as the focus question and aims of this task.• A conclusion was then constructed in order to summarise the main points and findings of this research. The major links were made between the present research and the literature were summed up in order to conclude what the focus question and aims of the research task were set out to determine.• Within the conclusion the limitations of this task were discussed fully understand their own heading as well as recommendations for future research.


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